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Start your aviation career at Fredrickson Aviation 

We are the premier accelerated flight school on the East Coast  

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Yesterday, April 30th I passed my CFI check ride. I decided to do an accelerated CFI program. My journey began in February when I contacted Brian Fredrickson of Fredrickson Aviation and we started weekly ground school zoom meetings.  Next, I ventured to North Carolina for the flight portion of the training with a scheduled checkride at the end of the training. Thank you, Brian, for preparing me for the checkride. I would highly recommend the program at Fredrickson Aviation.   It is such a great feeling to have complete my CFI.  

Paula S - CFI 

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LeftClosedTraffic (Reddit)

Guys, CFIIMEI_MRBaron (Reddit) is THE mentors, listen to him and reach out if you are nearing CFI training or check ride, or early on in instructing.
Image by Marcus Zymmer
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LeftClosedTraffic (Reddit)

...your advise has been great help!!Sadly the ratio of CFI's who generally care to those who just building hours is getting smaller by the day, Thank you for being one of the good ones

We have over 40 years of aviation and instructing experience which has led to many awards and accolades. These awards include the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) - Master Flight Instructor and management awards.

We got started because Brian, our CEO, saw a real need in the aviation community for dedicated professionals that wanted to help the students succeed and reach the goals that they had.  Brian also saw that there were 3 main issues with the current accepted training process 

  1. The time it takes - Right now the time that it takes for students to reach the goals they have is far too long of a process.  It needs to be decreased so that they can move to the next phase of flying.  

  2. Lack of DPE availability - Brian saw that without the availability of DPE's and working with them to schedule the checkride before the training that the students would waste time and a lot of money waiting around for the checkride. 

  3. Study process - All to often, students are left to their own devices to figure how to study and what to study for the checkride.  


How we are different 

  • We are an accelerated program that usually gets done in about 7-15 days depending on the course. 

  • We schedule the DPE first thing in the process before any training is scheduled.  

  • We have a Boot Camp that is designed specifically for the rating or certificate that you are going for.  We have a 90% pass rating for our CFI Boot Camps.   



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Our company came out of the need to help students reach their goals all the way from Private Pilot's license to CFI's.  Our desire is to be the premier accelerated training destination on the East Coast.  


Our vision is to elevate the aviation community one student at a time, so the entire profession improves.

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385 Montgomery Dr,

Timberlake, NC 27583




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